Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contact Center Activity Monitoring

The Spectrum June newsletter discussed Unified Contact Center Reporting (UCCR) and the benefits of this type of reporting.  Spectrum Unified Contact Center Reporting is a complete solution for capturing real time and historical data from contact center applications and building real time reports with proactive alerting for monitoring the contact center business processes.  This month the Spectrum newsletter will discuss one aspect of UCCR: Contact Center Activity Monitoring. 

In 2002 Gartner Group coined the phrase Business Activity Monitoring which means the aggregation of real time activities inside the organization.  Spectrum’s CCAM refers to the aggregation of real time and historical information inside the call center. 

Contact Center Activity Monitoring (CCAM) is the process within UCCR that captures the real time and historical data from various call center applications. Call center applications store and provide access to their data in different manners.  It is for this reason that an effective reporting tool must have multiple methods of being able to connect and capture that data.  Spectrum’s neXorce software has six methods of capturing real time and historical data.

Key Benefits of CCAM:
  • The Call Center is able to make immediate informed decisions;
  • The Call Center is able to react quickly to the changing status in the call center;
  • Managers can make changes to the agents and team leaders to take advantage of the status change within the call center.

Through an alert notification at her desk top a call center manager is made aware that the Csat rating for the day is dropping, abandonment rate is going up yet the number of calls taken for the day is normal.  By drilling down on the web based report the manager is able to see that the AHT has gone up on two new groups (Split skills).  The manager knows these two groups were specifically created to handle calls relating to changes in customers policies.  The call volume was not expected to be this high. The manager look at other group call volume, messages two team leaders to log agents out of the slow groups and log them into the busier groups. This transaction takes less than 5 minutes.  Now the manager is able to review the two new groups and work on anticipated call volume for the future.

Spectrum is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center Reporting.  Contact Spectrum today to learn more about Contact Center Activity Monitoring and Unified Reporting.

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