Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unified Reporting for the Contact Center

Unified Reporting for the contact center goes beyond summarizing an ACD report for the team leaders or managers. True unified reporting is a multi-tiered process.
  1. Identify the data and the sources where that data is stored;
  2. Capture the data from disparate data silos;
  3. Build the reports based on specific needs of the users;
  4. Create alarms and alerts for the reports so key metrics that are in variance are highlighted;
  5. Publish the reports to each level of the Contact Center from the agent to senior management.

Contact Centers store a tremendous amount of data and most never do anything with that information. Unified reporting provides the contact center the opportunity to increase agent and team leader efficiencies with real time reports showing their current status. Unified reporting also aides the manager and senior management with historical reporting and real time drill down to assess the contact centers productivity.