Thursday, October 8, 2009

Performance management in the Call Center

Performance Management or Real Time Reporting

Performance Management (PM) offers a view of the business to C-Level executives and Managers so they have an immediate update on key business drivers.  Most often CRM, ACD, WFM and ticketing system data is captured from information silos and filtered down to a web report or dashboard.  This summary web report or dashboard provides a day/week view with drill down to see more granular level information.

The benefits of a Performance Management Report include:

  • Flash Report for immediate and informed business decisions based on real time data;
  • Trends are highlighted as variance thresholds prompting action from the manager;
  • Consolidated reporting is preconfigured and automated saving time and money;
  • Drill down to detailed results to pinpoint areas that require attention.

A consolidated report with two levels of drill down gives the manager a view to the details required to see the variances that are causing negative or positive trends.

Real Time Reporting alerts the call center agents and team leaders when goals are not being met.  Agents and team leaders are aware they have goals they are required to meet.  Yet, when the daily activity level and customer pressure increases these goals are often forgotten or ignored.  Real Time Reporting brings the goals "top of mind" to the agents and team leaders so they are able to adjust their current behavior to strive towards meeting the goals.

The benefits of Real Time Reporting include:
  • Desktop displays with critical KPI's behavior helps the agents and team leaders;
  • Group level reporting to a LCD screen that motivates and encourages group action;
  • Immediate feedback on current status for immediate behavior changes;
  • Color coded thresholds which leaves no doubt what needs to be improved.

Desktop Display for an agent or team leader

Performance Management reporting is ideal for Call Center Managers and Senior Management. Information is captured and provided in a summary or consolidated report making it easy for the manager to spot business variances and drill down on the information to determine the cause of the variance.

Real Time reporting is aptly suited for agents and team leaders that need to correct or adjust their behavior immediately to continue to meet company goals for their position.  The information they are seeing is directly related to their position and the work they are doing.

Your call center is in a competitive business and is under pressure to cut costs, improve productivity and obtain high goals.  Performance Management and Real Time Reporting for the call center will help you achieve these goals.

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