Thursday, December 18, 2008

Digital Signage

With the cost of Plasma/LCD screens coming down you or your customer either have one or are thinking about getting one. Using Digital Signage in a business is a great decision.  With dynamic graphics, live media, web content, scheduled frames of content your business and customers can reap the benefit of Automated Real Time Information.  

 Some of our customers have put the cart before the horse and have purchased a plasma/LCD screen and have no way to drive the screen.  Some of the challenges they have encountered:

  • What to display;
  • How to make the content attractive and useful;
  • How to schedule content;
  • How to pull in real time information, live media, web content;
  • How to automatically shut off the plasma/LCD screen when not in use;
  • How to pay for the investment

Utilizing Spectrum’s award winning Digital Signage Software our customers are able to resolve these and many more challenges of Digital Signage in their business.  Spectrum has solutions for Hospitality, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Distribution and Government markets.

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Dan Boehm
VP Sales and Marketing
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Desktops and Dashboards

In a tightening economy it is difficult to recommend and justify additional staff to meet peak period operations.  Some organizations are reducing staff to reduce operating expenses and now have fewer people to do the same amount of work.  Companies are seeing lower customer satisfaction ratings, lower service levels and higher than usual number of escalations and complaints.

To counteract the staff reductions and the hold on adding staff, companies are becoming more efficient and effective in their daily routines and tasks.   Appropriate information is being made immediately available to the agent desktops and manager dashboards in real time.

Customers using desktop screen pops and dashboards report a marked improvement in the adherence to company stated goals, increase in customer satisfaction ratings and an ability to complete daily tasks.  Furthermore, virtual agents (work from home agents) have access to the same detailed information as agents and managers in the office.

Spectrum is capable of capturing critical data and turning it into vital information from many sources including:
    ACD statistics
    Help Desk Ticket information
    MS-CRM, Sage CRM and
    IBM Tivoli and Cognos
    HP OpenView

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Dan Boehm
VP Sales and Marketing
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Automated Real Time Reporting

Spectrum Automated Real Time Reporting           

Managing your business or department through key performance objectives is a challenge given different sources of information and varying metrics. The challenge is even greater when the metrics are diversified due to the different objectives being monitored.  Therefore, each department executive needs to have a customized summary performance report based upon their own metrics. The real time summary reports are gathered from different sources of data, consolidated, manipulated and sent on a regular basis to the varying stakeholders. 
  • This process is automated, were it not it would take manpower and time and often lead to delayed decision making. 
  • Many times given the complexity of gathering the data it would not be accomplished at all.
  • In an Automated Real Time Reporting Solution environment corrective actions are made rather than reactive management of the department’s challenges.
Delivering the proper content is another crucial component of an Automated Real Time Reporting System.  With Spectrum’s award winning neXorce and VectraView software building the reporting and delivering it to the active stakeholders is convenient and automatic.

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Dan Boehm
VP Sales and Marketing
+1 713 986 8839