Thursday, January 28, 2010

At-Home Call Center Agents

Envision your contact center with fewer agents in the office yet customers are receiving the same if not better support and service. Imagine a contact center where agents can have flexible hours, but you still have full coverage 24 hours a day. With an at-home agent program your call center could realize these benefits and much more. Some of the benefits of an at-home agent program include:
  • Larger pool of talented individuals to pull from
  • Better educated
  • More responsible and reliable
  • More productive agents
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Costs savings
  • Lower attrition rates

Spectrum supports at-home agents with dashboards to allow real time reporting and messaging to a users desktop. Aside from the technical challenges of setting up at-home agents the agent themselves will experience personal challenges.  Agents want:
  • To know how they are performing
  • To know how they compare against other agents
  • How well their group is doing
  • To have contact with the corporate call center
  • To feel like they are a valuable part of a team

Utilizing Spectrum desktop reporting agents receive detail statistics on how well they are doing, how they are performing against their goals, how their group is doing and they are aware if they need to log into other groups to provide further support.

In addition, at-home agents have the advantage of communicating through messages to and from the office.  These messages can be threshold messages, personal messages offering encouragement, scheduled messages reminding the agents to log in/out and the messages can be generated by the agent if needed.

Spectrum supports user rights and roles and therefore only those agents that have the proper rights will be able to initiate a message.  If the agent does not have the proper rights they will be limited to read only or read/reply access.  All messages sent to the agents can be stored indefinitely to meet corporate or regulatory compliance.

As call centers continue to evolve the look for ways to reduce costs yet retain the same level of service they have always had.  Companies can benefit from at-home agents when the agents have the right tools to do the job and feel like part of the team.  

Spectrum desktop reporting and messaging (XorceView) is available to help your work-at-home agents with real time information to assist the agent.  Contact Spectrum today and learn more about at-home agent reporting.

Dan Boehm
VP Sales and Marketing
+1 713 986 8839