Friday, February 13, 2009

Call Center Readerboards and Wallboards


Spectrum Call Center Readerboards and Wallboards 

Much has been written about Call Center Readerboards and Wallboards being old technology, too expensive and do not offer the call center the same level of effectiveness as an LCD screen.  Briefly, let me state clearly that this is not the case.  If used as intended Readerboards or Wallboards remain one of the most cost effective real time reporting tools available to the Call Center Manager.  Here are some reasons why Call Center Readerboards and Wallboards continue to be effective:

  • A manager only wants text and numeric information to be displayed.  More than 50% of the LCD screen users today are still showing only Text and Numbers on their screens.
  • Visibility of over 100 feet with a 2 inch tall character.  Using the same 2 inch tall character an LCD screen can be viewed from only 32 feet.   
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): A Readerboard or Wallboard requires software to drive the board. In many cases the ACD platform already contains the software to drive the readerboard.  An LCD screen requires software, a PC or server, and in some cases proprietary cabling.  A wallboards life expectancy is over 11 years. A commercial grade LCD screen 4 years.  

Does this mean that LCD screens should not be used and invested in? Certainly not!  If the requirement includes the need for Charts, Graphs, Live Media, Video, Pictures, Office Documents, RSS feeds, Streaming Video and Web to be displayed then an LCD screen is the right and only choice.

There are many reasons to invest in a Call Center Readerboard or Wallboard and one of them is a lower total cost of ownership.  Spectrum provides all available Call Center Digital Signage options available today. These options include LCD Screens, Wallboards, Desktops, Dashboards, Email, Web Pages, mobile devices and Printed Reports. Contact your Spectrum Representative today to request a copy of our Call Center Digital Signage Whitepaper to determine which option is right for your Call Center. 

Dan Boehm
VP Sales and Marketing
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