Monday, June 28, 2010

Unified Contact Center Reporting

Spectrum Unified Contact Center Reporting is a complete solution for capturing real time and historical data from contact center applications and building real time reports with proactive alerting for monitoring the contact center business processes.  Spectrum UCCR provides agents, team leaders, managers and senior management with the information they need to make immediate and better business decisions.  As the environment in the contact center changes corrective action can occur on all levels from the agent to senior management.

Unified Contact Center Reporting (UCCR) consists of two components: Contact Center Activity Monitoring and Unified Reporting.  Contact Center Activity Monitoring (CCAM) captures Contact Center specific data from applications such as multi-channel ACD’s, CRM, WFM, etc and consolidates that data.  Then using industry standards, the unified reports are built for each level of the contact center to provide real time information and improve contact center performance. 

Key Benefits
  • Monitor critical KPI’s across the contact center and take corrective action immediately.  Contact center efficiencies and effectiveness improve.
  • Unified reports summarize all data into reports for each level of the contact center. Each level sees only the information they need to take proactive actions.
  • Reports are published to desktops, LCD screens, web based reports, wallboards and smart phones. The contact center is able to see the reporting in multiple methods.
  • Alerts and notifications are sent via to desktops, wallboards, LCD Screens, Email, SMS and smart phones.  Never be out of touch of the contact center.
  • Agent level real time information presented to their desktops or to a wallboard. At the desktop the information will be agent specific information and group level details. On the Wallboard the information will be group level metrics.
  • Team Leader real time information for the group with access to agent level real time information can be available as a desktop application or web based report.  Team leaders also utilize wallboards to see the current status of the group.
  • Call Center Managers and Operations managers review historical information with drill down access to real time information on web based reports or desktop applications.  Analysis can be done quickly and the manager is able to make better decisions based on quality information.
  • Senior management is able to determine that the contact center is operating at peak performance by reviewing web based reports.  Historical and real time information is readily available. 

Spectrum is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center Reporting.  Contact Spectrum today to learn more about Contact Center Activity Monitoring and Unified Reporting. 

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