Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Statistics and Metrics for Call Center Agents

While we already know there is a difference between call center statistics and metrics (see my blog dated June 2, 2010) what many call center managers are unaware of is what metrics and statistics they should be providing to the agents.

Each level of the call center (agents, team leaders, managers and senior management) need to see not only different statistics and metrics they also need to see a different timeline for the information. Agents need to see real time information about how they are performing. Furthermore, the statistics and metrics can and should change based on the call center industry.

The statistics and metrics the agent views on their desktop should be real time and about themselves. Occasional group information and current status for the day are also relevant and useful but nothing further out than that. To improve efficiencies and become more effective an agent needs to see how they are performing right now so they are able to change their behavior.

Here are some of the top Metrics and Statistics agents should be viewing on their desktop:
FCR - if available
Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSat) - if available
Abandon Rate
Service Level

Some industries and agent skill level will need to look at different metrics and statistics. At Spectrum we always recommend these metrics and explain why they are important to the agent.

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