Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Corporate Communications / Corporate Signage

There are many applications and benefits of using Corporate Signage (Digital Signage) for Corporate Communications.  Communicating to customers, employees, vendors and suppliers is a vital part of improving business relationships and employee morale.
The corporate signage can and should be used in multiple locations throughout the business. All of us are familiar with the signage in the lobby but the communications need to go further than that.  Hallways, break rooms, cafeteria, conference rooms, senior management areas and segregated departments can all utilize signage with area specific content.
·       Lobby: Greeting important customers and visitors, event information, corporate news, local news, brand alerts and awareness, industry information and timely information for employees.
·       Hallways: General non confidential content for those that have access to the area.
·       Break Rooms: Advertisements that are or will be running on TV, product or brand content, department information and other non confidential news.
·       Cafeterias / Lunch Rooms: Menu’s, Announcements about future parties, News, weather, sports, event information, CEO webcasts, RSS Feeds, Visitor greetings, vendor advertisements, stock prices, employee of the month photos, industry news, call center agent status alerts and much more content.
·       Senior Management Areas: Confidential business related news and data, revenue information, business performance information and other news.
·       Segregated Departments: There are many different departments within a business.  Content can differ by department. Call Centers, IT, Support, Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, HR, Production, Shipping, Warehouse, and so many more areas.  The content can be specific for the department but still remain non confidential.
Corporate communications content should be defined by the location and audience visibility.  The outcome and feedback of the content displayed is used to determine the content that is displayed on the digital signage. 
With smart phones being available and used in the work place keeping content non-confidential, public and positive works to the organizations benefit. 

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