Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Artwork in the call center?
I had to ask the manager I was talking to “Have you ever dusted the plasma screen you are using?” The customer reply to me “No, the janitor does that.”  I had to correct myself and get to my point.  “You have had the plasma screen in the call center for over four years and you have never changed the content on the screen?”

No they had not and it had gotten to the point where the agents now almost completely ignore the plasma screens and only review them when the screens provide an audible alert.  The success or failure of the screens can be attributed to the changes to the content on the screens.  The goal should be to modify the KPI’s that are being displayed to ones that are needed.  Call center content needs change based on time of year, business changes, new goals and trends, agent / group successes or failures and call center group relocation's. 

The benefits of an LCD screen in the contact center are:
·        Improve agent and group performance with critical KPI’s that can and do change throughout the year;
·        Agents will react proactively to real time metrics and improve efficiencies;
·        Managers can keep tabs on operational effectiveness while they are interoffice mobile;
·        Minimize agent sick days during important events (Super Bowl, World Cup, etc);
·        Impress visiting customers and potential customers with state-of-the-art technology.

The content on LCD screens has tremendous value and benefits to the agents and call center.  But the content must be kept timely, accurate and appropriate for everyone.  The lack of changes to the content will lower the value to the call center. Content changes include new KPI’s that show where groups are under performing, new layout of the existing content to increase screen visibility and add data that is new to the group from ACD only to ACD and in-house database for example. 

Call center managers should be making changes to the LCD Screen(s) and if they are not sure what changes to make they can ask team leaders, supervisors, senior management, other call centers or even their call center software vendors. 

Don’t treat the LCD screens like artwork: hung up where you want it and showing nice colors.  Treat the LCD screen correctly with performance improving content, always changing layouts, positive group and agent updates and you will have screens that are always being reviewed by agents. 


  1. handling call center is an art in itself

  2. Thanks for this post! It's really interesting to hear a perspective from the other side of the phone call.