Thursday, July 12, 2012

Performance Metrics for Supervisor Desktops

In previous articles I have spoken about the importance of Agent Desktop Metrics, and how important it is to provide your Agents with the tools they need to help guide them to a higher level of performance.  Unlike Agents who would be concerned with their own performance and duties, a Supervisor must maintain their entire team's performance, and require the tools and visibility to provide assistance when and where it is needed for their team.

Agent Desktop displays are generally small in size so that an agent can work efficiently within their screen, yet still obtain the statistics that show how well they are performing.  A supervisor desktop display (shown below) is usually larger as it can provide more detailed data for the entire team, individual agents, and the entire Call Center.

Metrics that are important for a Supervisor to monitor include the status of each of the agents within their respective team.  This allows the Supervisor to know which agents are available, which are at lunch, or on a break, and when they are expected to return.

Having this information is valuable for a supervisor in managing their workforce.   Popular metrics for monitoring their team include the following:
  • Agent name or ID
  • The Agents Extension
  • Current State that agent is in
  • Amount of time they have been in that state
  • What Queue they are working in
  • How many calls they have answered
When a Supervisor has the correct tool to provide the information on how their call center or team is performing, it provides invaluable information for maintaining an efficient workforce.

To determine what to display on a supervisor’s desktop it is best to understand what is important for the performance of the Team.

With a single supervisor screen, information can be viewed that summarizes the current queue count, calls that have been handled as a running count, Agent status, and Summary information for individual queues.    By consolidating this information into a single easy to read screen, a supervisor can "at a glance" detect any major concerns, or confirm that the center is on track.

Spectrum is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center Reporting.  Contact Spectrum today to learn more about Performance Metrics for Agent Desktops.

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