Thursday, June 16, 2011

Managing your call center reporting solution

Reaching and exceeding your call center targets can be achieved. Maintaining this status year after year is not easy to do. Successful managers are able to do this by managing the data they receive on their real time reports.

Unified Contact Center Reporting summarizes critical data from multiple data sources (this is also known as a mash up report) and presents that data to the manager.  The manager acts upon that data because the information and alerts are proactive and real time.  However, the successful manager takes this process one step further and performs an annual assessment of the data that she sees on her reports.

The successful managers have:
  • Created a baseline on how the agents and groups have been performing. This baseline can be used 6 months or a year later to gauge performance improvements;
  • Trend the data for 6 months to a year and determined if the goals are properly set and if they need to be reset. It is advisable to set goals that are realistic and obtainable through hard work.  So if the goal is to improve by 50% doing this in two stages makes the goal more realistic and obtainable;
  • Seen that the team is performing quite well in some areas but now needs to improve in other areas.
  1. After a year of work the manager has been able to reduce the AHT and now can focus on adherence.
  2. The successful manager can remove the AHT from the wallboards and web reports and add the data from WFM to work on agent adherence.
  • A plan to expand the reporting to solution.
  1. What data they need to capture next;
  2. How the data is administered to be displayed correctly;
  3. Have a goal on how the data will improve the call center.

The most important element that a successful manager has in place is the implementation and improvement plan for the call center data. This is a plan to properly implement and use the solution.

Manage your wallboard data with a plan on how it can be used to help your call center succeed.  Starting slow and building up the solution is an effective way to ensure the solution is being used properly. Finally have goals and review the actual performance against these goals to determine how well the solution is working for your call center.

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