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Highest Ranked Call Center Articles

Over the last three plus years I have written over 50 articles regarding contact centers.  These articles have been delivered to over 500,000 people and read over 100,000 times. Five of these articles have been read and saved most often.  The difference these articles have over the others is the content.  These five articles share information about metrics, and performance.  Click on the title for a link directly to the article.

KPI’s and Metrics for Agents, Team Leaders, Managers and Senior Management
The KPI’s and Metrics for Call Center agents up to senior management are explained in this article.  There is a significant difference between the agents, team leader, manager and senior management metrics.  Agents require real time data to help them meet their goals. Team leaders want group level statistics as well as their own stats.  Managers needs summary data for the call center, group level and drill down to agent status information.  Senior management is typically reviewing the historical data for the call center to see how performance has improved over time.

Call Center Scorecards
Call Center Scorecards, Balanced Scorecard or simply scorecard exist to enable call center managers to review overall call center performance.  The scorecards also assist top management in their quest to understand the value and performance of the call center.  Too often top management views the call center as a cost center and does not understand the value that the call center brings to the organization.  In addition, when a call center manager has to explain how well the call center is performing numerous statistics, charts, graphs and reports are provided which end up confusing top managers.

Call Center Statistics and Performance Metrics

There is a difference between call center statistics and call center performance metrics.  Both are very helpful to the call center but are used in two different ways.  Statistics are used to show what the current status of the agent or group and performance metrics show how well the agent or group is performing.
Statistics can provide a view of what is happening in the call center right now, for the interval or for the day.  These statistics are helpful when the agents, team leaders and managers want to know the current status of the call center.

Using Metrics to Change Agent Behavior
The statistics and metrics you provide (display) to your call center and agents should be changing their performance.  If you are not seeing a change in performance this could mean:
  1. You are not reporting the proper metrics;
  2. Your goals are not set properly;
  3. You are not showing (displaying) the correct metrics and statistics;
  4. You do not show the appropriate amount of concern to your agents.

Performance Management in the call center
The primary objective of Performance Management is to improve overall efficiency in the business and call center.  Utilizing dynamic performance management reports business leaders may effectively monitor the performance and decision making of the stakeholders. Leaders then may make adjustments to their strategies to assist the business in achieving their stated goals.

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