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New Agent Metrics

Call centers consist of agents with varying degrees of skills and experience. There are senior agents that have years of training and experience and newer agents that are just now learning the ropes of the contact center.  This article will focus on metrics for new versus senior level agents within the same industry.

New agents face challenges that can affect their ability to perform at a high level.  Everything from a new position to the company procedures will affect how the agent performs. Therefore, metrics for the new agent should differ from the metrics for a senior level agent.

The goal of the desktop wallboard is to help the agent optimize their performance.  If the desktop reporting is not helping the agent perform then it is a distraction and will hurt the agents performance and affect their attitude.

New agents should be seeing desktop wallboards that display the Status of the skill or group that they are logged into.  This Status Reporting provides the new agent the opportunity to become more efficient and effective by alerting them to a change in the status of the skill they are monitoring.

This desktop wallboard for the agent quickly shows the status of the skill group, alerts the agent to wrap up the work from the previous call and take the next call.  New agents are often distracted by the new environment and do not meet the SLA's that the call center has set. A status reporting desktop wallboard with messaging is an effective tool for the agents. 

    New Agent Metrics:  
        Calls in Queue - Alerts the agent to work that is waiting for them.
        Oldest Call in Queue - Provides an sense of urgency for the agent.
These two metrics when improved upon will result in better SLA's, higher customer satisfaction and reduced agent stress.  Displaying more information on a new agents desktop will result in confusion and the agent will disregard the desktop wallboard.
As the agent becomes acclimated to the new position, company or role additional metrics can be added to the agents desktop wallboard.  ASA, Calls Abandoned and Service Level provide additional information about the status of the skill the agent is logged into.

The number of metrics that are shown above should be the maximum number that a new agent would see on their desktop.
    1. The real estate the desktop report takes up can interfere with the agents work space;
    2. The data can distract the agent from their work tasks as the content updates and changes;
    3. Some of the metrics can have a negative effect on the agent if they are interpreted wrong;

Alert messages to the desktop can be very effective.  However, messages should be properly worded and sent at an appropriate time.

Benchmarking firms and internet articles point out that there are metrics that agents should be seeing on their desktops.  What those articles fail to point out and take into consideration is the experience level, skill sets of the agent and availability of that data.  Certainly a more experienced agent should see the FCR or Customer Satisfaction rating. But a new agent can be become frustrated and develop a negative attitude when they see those metrics. 

The metrics - of Calls in Queue and Oldest Call Waiting help the new agent optimize their performance as quickly as possible without overloading them with too much detail.

Next month will be an article about the metrics for a more senior and experience agent.

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