Thursday, September 9, 2010

Call Center Digital Signage Content

I have been helping customers this week layout their Call Center Digital Signage Content. This is the content that will be displayed on their LCD screens in the call center. The content is real time information from multiple sources such as the ACD, CRM and WFM. However, one consistent challenge that I have run up against is the amount of content the customer wants to display on a single screen.

In each case that I worked the customer wanted two - three times the amount of content that is recommended for a LCD screen. Content over run occurs becuase the manager has so much they want the agents to be aware of at any given point in time. So how does a manager cut down the content or decide what content goes to the second and third page on the screen?
1. Know your audience;
2. Understand what the goals are for the audience;
3. What type of impact does the content need to have on the audience;
4. How far is the average person from the screen?

Know your audience: If the digital signage is for the agents and team leaders then the content should be directed to them. Displaying historical data from the IVR may be interesting but it does not help the agents achieve their goals.

Understand the goals for the audience: If the goal for the audience is to improve Average Handle Time then display the metrics that affect the average handle time including AHT.

What type of impact does the content need to have on the audience: Be sure the content is prominently displayed and is the first to be read/seen by the audience. Make the important content stand out with larger fonts and use color thresholds to gain attention.

How far is the average person from the screen? On average a 1 inch tall character on an LCD screen can be read from 16 ft away. If your agents are 50 ft from the screen a 3 inch tall font is required.

Since this is a blog I did not want to go into much more detail. Contact Spectrum for more details on this topic of Call Center Digital Signage content.

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