Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contact Center Activity Monitoring

In 2002 Gartner Group coined the phrase Business Activity Monitoring or BAM. This phrase refers to the aggregation of real time acitivities inside the organization. To narrow the focus of BAM within the call center another phrase is used - Contact Center Activity Monitoring or CCAM.

Contact Center Activity Monitoring is a process of capturing real time and historical data from various call center applications. Call center applications store the data in different manners so the application used to retrieve that data must be flexible and powerful enough to get the data. An effective CCAM software application must have mulitple methods of being able to connect and capture the data.
The image above shows six common methods of retrieving data from call center applications.
After the data is captured unified reports are built and published to the agents, team leaders and managers to use and gain the benefits of the information.
Key benefits of CCAM:
  1. The call center manager is able to make immediate and informed decisions;
  2. The call center is able to react quickly to changing status in the call center;
  3. Managers can make changes to the agents and team leaders to take advantage of the status change within the contact center.
  4. Agents, team leaders and managers are more effective and efficient with real time information.

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